The promotional “flyer” for the event is an old school DVD-Video case that boasts the signature aesthetic of the obsolete late ’90s/early noughties packaging. With details left intentionally obscure, the event will be a “DVD Lookbook Open Day” with “Limited free resources and goods.” The bottom right corner of the invitation hints at A-COLD-WALL*’s ongoing partnership with “The State Commute Partnership Firm,” which encompasses the shared British experiences of academic- and work-life.

Creative Director: Samuel Ross
Role: Installation Design, Graphic Design, Art Direction

Awards & Nominations

2022, Creativepool Next Gen Talent of the Year - Nominee.

2022, Heinz Christmas Big Soup, The Drum Social Media Award - Winner.

2022, Heinz Christmas Big Soup, The Marketing Week Best Consumer Goods campaign - Winner.

2022, Heinz Christmas Big Soup, The Marketing Week Best Brand PR & Storytelling - Winner.

2022, Heinz Christmas Big Soup, FMCG arketing communications campaign of the year at the PR Moments awards - Finalist.

2022, Heinz Christmas Big Soup, 
PR Moments Consumer PR campaign of the year -Bronze.

2021, Hydrow Sky CTV Brand Awareness Campaign - Winner.