Martin started his career working at Echo House, a conceptual design and production agency predominantly specializing in luxury retail, where he learnt to refine skills in production, illustration and printing.

Fast forward to helping establish the growth of international menswear boutique, EJDER. A retailer that specializes in streetwear during the early 2010s, during the time, helping develop garment design, e-commerce and social presence.

Following the step into the fashion industry, he explored his deep interest in streetwear and went onto to work with one of the leading premium fashion distribution companies both in the UK and in a number of international regions, A Number of Names* as a showroom assistant , distributing brands such as Billionaire Boys Club, CAV Empt, Native Shoes and Nemen just to name a few.

In 2017 he went onto become a designer at luxury menswear label A-COLD-WALL* where he spent time to hone on his craft as an all round designer, working on garment, installation, graphic design and creative direction. Martin helped ACW* launch their  monumental first runway show during London Fashion Week at The Strand.

After his stint at A-COLD-WALL* He continued his work across the fashion and retail space spending the next few years  at Japanese retailer UNIQLO. Learning about business, marketing and merchandising. Helping to open the doors to new markets across Europe, flagship stores in Amsterdam and Milano.

Fast forward, Martin has continued his journey into Creative Direction through advertising with VaynerMedia, helping brands build their social presence and develop business growth across the entire EMEA region.

In 2022, Martin launched Narattive his own design development project that specializes in collaborations and products. The journey continues in 2024...

Awards & Nominations

2022 - Creativepool Next Gen Talent of the Year

2022 - Heinz Christmas Big Soup, The Drum Social Media Award

2022 - Heinz Christmas Big Soup, The Marketing Week Best Consumer Goods Campaign

2022 - Heinz Christmas Big Soup, The Marketing Week Best Brand PR & Storytelling

2022 - Heinz Christmas Big Soup, FMCG Marketing
communications campaign of the year at the PR Moments award

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